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Aim assist bug on nintendo switch

2022.01.21 09:07 MealDue3858 Aim assist bug on nintendo switch

do someone knows if Epic has fixed that bug on switch that deletes aim assist when you turn on the motion of the controller [gyroscope]??
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2022.01.21 09:07 RandomDoorHinges after this election can we go back to where ppl were living before

also can we have a wait time to get citizenship to vote like in real life
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2022.01.21 09:07 RealtimeScreener #premarket #watchlist 01/21 $BSFC - no news, $KTRA - no news, $PTON - Peloton Stock Bounces As CEO Hits Back At 'False' Production Halt Report, $BRFH - no news ... Also check afterhours runners and low float stocks in my app!

#premarket #watchlist 01/21 $BSFC - no news, $KTRA - no news, $PTON - Peloton Stock Bounces As CEO Hits Back At 'False' Production Halt Report, $BRFH - no news ... Also check afterhours runners and low float stocks in my app! submitted by RealtimeScreener to ChartingTAstocks [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 09:07 cottoncabin Gotta Get Down on Friday Free Talk

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2022.01.21 09:07 DanielReynosoJorge US-Based Customer Support Agents

We are looking to hire a home customer support agent for our e-commerce business. We need someone who can manage three channels: telephone, email and real-time chat. If you like talking to people and have great assisting/problem-solving skills, this is the job for you!
Because this job requires extensive verbal communication with our customers in the United States, we are mainly focusing on candidates who are US natives.
Project requirements: - A stable internet connection - A laptop/personal computer - A mobile phone/phone for answering calls
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2022.01.21 09:07 howtobeawhore101 How well were they able to implement "decision for life " programme?

I just wanna know, I have an MUN tomorrow and chose my country to be the great Kazakhstan, I am feeling nervous
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2022.01.21 09:07 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Indian man jailed in first conviction over 2020 New Delhi riots

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2022.01.21 09:07 KistRain How to be a teacher: supervise while they are on computers.

So, out of our day now we have two separate programs they are doing... 3 hours a week in minutes, which takes way more than 3 hours after the technical issues and off-task redirection and "oops I closed it... "
The only thing we are allowed to do besides monitor them on computers? Teach whole group lessons given by admin and planned by admin. They are even choosing what to give as a grade, what is turn n talk, what questions to ask.
What about differentiation you may ask? The computer does it. If the computer tells us we need to teach a skill because it's not doing a good enough job, we may follow the script the computer gives us.
Why did I need to go to college for four years to read a script and watch people on a computer?
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2022.01.21 09:07 Top_Statistician5871 I really want to buy these editions but I can't find them. Anyone know a specific search that would make them pop up?

I really want to buy these editions but I can't find them. Anyone know a specific search that would make them pop up? submitted by Top_Statistician5871 to lotr [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 09:07 pancakezplz Coloring/dying curly hair - what’s the best option?

For context, I am white and currently have light brown hair with some natural golden highlights, but I’ve always wanted to lighten my hair. When I got my last haircut, I asked my hairdresser about balayage but she said that it isn’t the best for curly hair because it dries your hair out and makes it frizzy. That put me off trying to color my hair for a few months, but recently, I’ve still been wanting to lighten my hair…
My question for fellow curly-haired folks is: what is the best treatment option to color curly hair but maintain the curls? Would it be better to fully dye my hair or just get highlights? Is there a specific treatment you recommend?
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2022.01.21 09:07 lilyxu185 Several reasons for Naifei's sharp fall after Q4 financial report

Several reasons for Naifei's sharp fall after Q4 financial report Summary of reasons for Netflix's sharp fall:
  • If the new users are not as expected and are expected to decrease, the price increase may become a disaster. In the inflation cycle, the products in these buyer's markets are the hardest hit areas;
  • Competition intensifies and content anxiety, because content creation is a bottleneck, and the more users accept video content, the easier they are to get tired. The more popular the squid game is, the more scarce the high-quality content that can be widely recognized;
  • Worry about the financial outlook and go upstream of the "breakeven point". The cash flow from operating activities turns negative again, and the capital expenditure on content is for future dramas on the one hand and game business on the other. The annual goal of free cash flow break Evan has not been achieved. On the one hand, the content expenditure is too large, on the other hand, other costs rise too fast, but they are difficult to pass on to users at once;
  • With the change of market style, growth stocks are currently at a disadvantage, and the market has more stringent requirements for growth stocks. If a goal is not achieved, it may be judged that it is "less than expected". The bulls of growth technology companies are very weak and the trading is unbalanced. The market had been bearish on Naifei's growth, and the sharp decline only needed a fuse.
Head technology companies such as $NFlX $can also fall by 20% due to financial results, which may be the first Waterloo of US stock technology giant "faang" since the "group attack" of $meta platforms (FB) $in 2018. Can the American technology giants reported by the group still become the benchmark of global technology companies?
Obviously, Netflix's financial report is very critical.
From the perspective of the company's operation, Netflix encountered two difficult short-term problems.
1、 New subscriptions are expected to decline.
This new user is originally an incremental value. As long as the incremental value is positive, it indicates that the overall growth is still.
What Netflix eats is the dividend of the mobile Internet era, and the improvement of network infrastructure has enabled the explosive development of streaming media. The introduction of excellent dramas can continuously expand the user group. Naifei's first in advantage has become the leader in growth stocks. At the same time, during the epidemic period, it has obtained a number of additional users and achieved good increment.
However, the question is whether Netflix can continue to retain users after the epidemic, and the growth of users is very limited by the population base, that is to say, the ceiling is obvious.
In fact, by observing the growth of users in different regions of Netflix in recent quarters, it can be clearly found that the main growth regions of users are in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In other words, developing countries make a great contribution, while developed countries have some weak growth, The main reason for the lack of strength is that it has reached the bottleneck (those interested in streaming media and those who can afford it should buy almost).
Therefore, it is not surprising that "the expected decline in new users" has long been expected by investors. However, we have two dimensions when comparing.
One is the comparison between the actual value and the consensus of analysts' expectations. However, there are great differences between analysts and analysts, and they will constantly revise their expectations. This expectation consensus is just an average.
Quarter (increase after quarter) New gains (analysts' expectations) Netflix's expectation for next quarter Analysts' expectations for next quarter
2021 4Q (-20%) +8.28M (+8.13M) +2.5M +6.26M
2021 3Q (-2%) +4.38M (+3.72M) +8.5M +8.32M
2021 2Q (-3%) +1.5M (+1.12M) +3.5M +5.86M
2020 1Q (-7%) +3.98M (+6.29M) +1.0M +4.44M
2020 4Q (+16%) +8.51M (+6.06M) +6.0M +7.45M
2020 3Q (-6%) +2.2M (+3.32M) +6.0M +6.54M
2020 2Q (-6%) +10.1M (+8.20M) +2.5M +5.12M
2020 1Q (-2%) +15.8M (+8.47M) +7.5M Missing data
For example, during the 21Q3 financial report, the analysts' consensus on 21Q4 is to increase by 8.32 million. Before the Q4 financial report comes out, the consensus has been reduced to 8.13 million after continuous modification by analysts. The final actual result is an increase of 8.28 million. In fact, it is difficult for you to judge whether the consensus is stronger or weaker than expected, but it is generally in line with expectations.
Second. It is the comparison between the actual value and the company's own guidance. This is very simple. Netflix will give guidance for the next quarter every quarter. In the 21Q3 financial report, Netflix's guidance to Q4 was to add 8.5 million, and the actual value of 8.28 million was obviously lower than expected.
Historically, most of the time, the actual value can still exceed the company's guidelines. In order to be prudent, it is not uncommon for a company to reduce the next quarter's guidelines after a less than expected one.
Therefore, the Q4 financial report lowered the guideline of 22q1 to 2.5 million, which is also lower than the lowest value expected by analysts. The market is obviously limited.
2、 Content anxiety intensifies competition and makes it more and more difficult to attract users.
The global film and television industry can not produce immortal classic blockbusters every year. There are always some "big and small years". The development of the content industry is not linear, and fluctuations are normal. However, as a streaming media company, if it experiences a long time of "content shortage", it may lose users.
"SQUID GAME" exploded in Q4. It is indeed one of Netflix's most successful dramas.
But the opposite can also be thought of. It is precisely because of the lack of popular classic dramas in the current environment that it is possible to make the explosion of a play so extreme. If a large number of Netflix's new dramas are boutiques, there will be no "explosion".
This problem should be faced not only by Netflix, but also by all streaming media content manufacturers$ Disney (DIS) $has to develop innovative content outside Marvel Universe, $Comcast (CMCSA) $HBO, and obviously no drama has more influence than game of rights.
From a financial point of view, Netflix is far from as bright as it appears.
We also mentioned in Q3 financial report that Netflix's profit and loss can not only observe the income statement, because its largest expenditure - content expenditure is not completely included in the current income statement, but in the cash flow statement.
If judged by the cash flow of operating activities and excluding the impact of the epidemic, Netflix should be a year when the cash flow of operating activities is gradually "positive", with Q3 of 82.4 million.
However, due to the re increase of content cost in Q4, the cash flow from operating activities "turned profit into loss" of US $403 million, which also directly led to the annual free cash flow of - 158 million. Strictly speaking, it did not reach the company's previous goal of "approximate break even".
The cost of drama production is increasing. On the other hand, Netflix may start to invest in the "game business" and look for the second curve. But after all, it has not yet taken shape. The capital expenditure in the R & D stage is not recorded in the profit statement. Therefore, just looking at the EPS of $1.33 in Q4, slightly higher than the expected $0.81, does not mean that the financial performance is higher than expected.
On the contrary, in terms of operating efficiency alone, Q4's gross profit margin and operating profit margin have decreased a lot.
The gross profit margin is due to the increased amortization of content costs and, of course, the rising cost of infrastructure such as broadband; Net profit margin is the increase of marketing and management costs.
In fact, it is very easy to understand that in the inflation cycle, the upstream prices of enterprises rise, such as the cost of drama production and advertising, and the internal employee wages also need to be increased, which is very harmful to the profit margin.
More importantly, due to the fierce competition and the internal volume of the industry, Netflix is also difficult to smoothly transfer the cost to users. Although Netflix raised its price in North America in early January, which is higher than that of its peers, the price increase is likely to lead to a decline in the number of users (which is also a reason for the company to reduce the growth of Q1 users), and this should have led to a price increase with higher profit margin, which may not be enough to cover the rise of costs.
While inflation continues, the internal volume of the industry continues, and users in developing countries with overseas growth are more price sensitive. When the US dollar is in the interest rate increase cycle, it will cause exchange rate losses. Netflix has little room for continuous price rise.
From the perspective of the secondary market, growth stocks may have to experience a "dark moment".
The transformation of market style has quietly occurred in 2021. Growth stocks are no longer the myth of the secondary market. Funds are more and more balanced and tend to value stocks.
On the one hand, it may be to balance the hedging of the asset portfolio. On the other hand, because the valuation of growth stocks is already very high, it is time to take profits.
Netflix is only the first heavy technology stock to fall into stampede after other collapsed second-line growth stocks. The requirements of the market for growth stocks have become more and more stringent. As long as it is not a perfect financial report, it will not give an easy increase. If a goal is not achieved, it may be judged as "less than expected" and fall sharply.
As a result, the bull power of growth technology companies is getting weaker and weaker, and the trading power is unbalanced. As the market had poor expectations for Netflix Q4 performance and was worried about its subsequent growth, when this short sentiment accumulated, it was bearish for a long time and only needed a fuse for the sharp drop.
For investors, the earnings season is of course the coexistence of opportunities and risks. Netflix's performance after the earnings report may only be the epitome of investors' sentiment towards the earnings report of technology stocks, and may also set a tone for the whole earnings season.
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2022.01.21 09:07 smbreeze 2 basic questions that I still feel I haven't fully grasped about Infinite

I haven't been keeping up with extended lore of the events between Halo 5 and Infinite, but after seeing the latest YouTube review of Halo Infinite by the Act Man, I confirmed that I am not the only one who still has a hard time understanding why we are actually fighting the Banished in this game... I feel like these two following questions, while central to the narrative, are lacking in explanation to the player.

  1. Why did Atriox really accomplish by attacking the Infinity? The general consensus seems to be as a of revenge for Cortana destroying Doisac, but at some point in the campaign Chief says to the Weapon "He came for you" which confused me, as if Atriox wanted the UNSC plan to fail, although this was before the reveal of Cortana's actions so Chief could be hiding that from the Weapon. The timeline of events is kind of hazy, but if Cortana had already been trapped by the UNSC after the Weapon was deployed and the goal was to delete her, then why did Atriox attack the Infinity just to kill John-117 (but then not really making sure he dies, just throwing him out), interfering with Cortana's defeat? What would that further accomplish from the perspective of the Banished since the Infinity presence on Zeta Halo seems primarily concerned with defeating Cortana? Sure, he might have earned the dominion of the ring by defeating the UNSC but in the meetings with Cortana that's not a motivation that is clearly expressed...
  2. Why does Atriox and the Banished want to release the Endless? In the campaign it is portrayed as a deal involving shared goals via the Reformation, the Banished rebuilding the ring and the Harbinger rebuilding the Silent Auditorium and then finding and releasing his species. But the ending cutscene with Atriox personally releasing the Endless suggests he wants them released for some special purpose of his own. It is also not helpful that we don't get to see from the Harbinger anything of what makes the Endless so threatening or terrifying and much worse than the Flood, or even why the Forerunners locked them up. And as far as we know, if the only sin they have committed is simply being immune to the Halo pulse, there is no evidence they are necessarily evil or plan to use whatever powers they have for evil intent, maybe they were truly unjustly dealt with and just want to live free. I wonder if there is a hint that Atriox wants to use the Endless to expose and uncover that the Forerunners were not as nice as portrayed to be and went to extra lengths to "preserve their truth", though why he would want to do that I have no idea.
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2022.01.21 09:07 apbadogs An morale increase w/o spending CCs on a meeting?

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2022.01.21 09:07 neobrsk Today's task is to pixel a #set of #dinosaurs. Restriction: Keep each dino to 25x25px or less

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2022.01.21 09:07 shanabailey BlitzWolf AirAux AA-SAR2 80W Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer [EU] for 89.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $99.99) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: BlitzWolf AirAux AA-SAR2 80W Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGddab78
Current price is $89.99. The lowest price in my database is $99.99. There're already 0 records in DB. Price monitoring since !
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Have fun.
Good deal with nice discount.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
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2022.01.21 09:07 clip_on_ponytail Freezing Baby Swans And Dumped Pythons: Here’s How One Woman Saves Animals In Prospect Park

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2022.01.21 09:07 kucoin_official KuCoin's Cumulative Trading Volume Exceeds $1 Trillion

KuCoin's Cumulative Trading Volume Exceeds $1 Trillion
KuCoin 2021
✅Cumulative trading volume exceeded $1 trillion ✅KuCoin Spot market share: 1.42% ➡️ 6.79% ✅ KuCoin Futures market share: 0.48% ➡️3.09%
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2022.01.21 09:07 imlisteningtotron Engineered virus-like particles for efficient in vivo delivery of therapeutic proteins

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2022.01.21 09:07 Quoias Claire De Lune

I Crushed the sweet perfume Of Debussy’s Claire De Lune
It smelled like the forest, It looked like lightning It felt like a battle cry
It smelled like the forest But without the decay It smelled charged up, raised up In a lit up display
It looked like Monet Put into a moon, but Dabbled, through some kind of great monsoon Created to a crystalline piece Molded, into something quite attuned
Like a battle cry Was it the beast of nature, -nurture-? Screaming out over hills and valleys Screaming our nature’s -ballet- ballad
Over crescendo hills, Through harmonious valleys Scaling up the treble clefs and so drowning the bass Harkening always to a metronome-ous beat To the staccato To the Allegro Forever, always To a finale
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2022.01.21 09:07 finanzmarktwelt Energiepreise: Marcel Fratzscher ruft jetzt plötzlich nach dem Staat

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2022.01.21 09:07 fabali61 What Jordans are these?

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2022.01.21 09:07 mcPetersonUK Bag seals or Roman weights?

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2022.01.21 09:07 Altruistic_Whole2288 A beautiful set!

A beautiful set!
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2022.01.21 09:07 Bonus1Fact Have The Lockdowns And Mandates Turned America Into A Police State? ¦ The Daily Caller on Rumble

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2022.01.21 09:07 finanzmarktwelt Ölpreis gefallen – Kaufchance dank enormer US-Nachfrage?

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