F19 Just going for a hot bath 😏

Samsung Galaxy A03s's going to have a 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor to give more power to this chipset. If we talk about the display panel of the smartphone, it is equipped with 6.5 Inches display screen that will be full HD plus a resolution of 720 x 1600 Pixels, the users of this Galaxy A03s by Samsung will be happy to use this big screen. This is the handset that is going to be launched very soon. The specs look promising. Vivo Y30 will be running one of the latest operating systems that is called Android 10 OS, This is the latest android version with so many features that customer of the Vivo Y30's going to be very excited when it will hit the market.

2022.01.21 09:17 SlutyTeen6969 F19 Just going for a hot bath 😏

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2022.01.21 09:17 another_user17 @babycaroline69

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2022.01.21 09:17 Jwalsh299 Was fired today. Because I've been late and " we both know this isn't working out"

I worked at a private golf course. It was the superintendents first year being one after being an assiant for 10 years. I came into work to once I clocked in and asked to come into the office. We sit down and shortest conversation I've ever had when it comes to being fired(only been fired once before when I was 19 now 28) he starts by saying" (my name) it just passed your first year anniversary, and I think we need to let you go" I reply "may I ask why" he replies " we both know it isn't working out, you've been late quite a few times this year, I know you're on time today but I can show you the punch cards/time sheets" I go " I understand that" I replied that because I'm not the only one late and if I was late it was only by 10 mins. Which i know that isn't good but every morning their just talking or eating breakfast. So I ask " may I ask what else made you to make this decision" he replies " I asked you not to wear headphones on the mower than later that day you asked if you could wear headphones and the next time you mowed you had headphones in" after he requested to have not wear headphones I didn't wear them, once I was done mowing and had to go pick weeds out of flower beds I asked him if it's okay if I wore headphones doing that.(everyone wears headphones even the assiant now) he goes yes, I even remember the next couple days go by I asked him if it's okay to wear headphones now, he goes yes. Also let me let you know it's the winter and this was 6 months ago. We're in the shop just plowing and maintenence on equipment. Than he finishes "you have my number if you need anything let me know" it sucks because I'm tight on money, I was looking for a better paying job but I'm still looking haven't found anything yet. I know he doesn't like me and truly feel as if that's the main reason. He's strongly on the left, and I'm middle slightly to the right. He tries to talk about politics and talks shit about every current employee and past employees. I've even caught him saying shit about me when I called a Co worker and goes shit did he hear that? I'm sad I got fired but yet I'm happy that chapter is over because I don't like working for a boss I don't get along with. I really needed to vent because it's early and no one's up yet to talk too. Luckily my old job has wanted me back its a 4 dollar increase but no benefits.( a dad and son operation so not on them) but thank you for letting me vet and hope everyone who reads is doing well.
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2022.01.21 09:17 Psychological_Cry869 Naughty content, cum watch me play🔞😈 link in comments

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2022.01.21 09:17 Floor-Proof Le 25 vite di carta e cartone: molto più riciclabili di quanto si pensasse

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2022.01.21 09:17 aleishabb [Walmart] HP Pavilion 14" FHD Touch x360, Intel Core i5-1135G7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Silver, Windows 10, 14-dw1010wm with $100 off for $599

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2022.01.21 09:17 qwerty123456789_ Trading soul

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2022.01.21 09:17 VantasticVoyages Summer Isles - Scotland

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2022.01.21 09:17 Boiz_Station Hi everyone, I'm set in an apocalyptic world, where dinosaurs rule the earth, this is my new diorama, hope you guys like it. if you like my content you can find me on YT: Boizcreator

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2022.01.21 09:17 yashovardhanchaubey What happened to Mayawati and BSP ?

Well, she started off as a firebrand grassroot leader of the oppresed caste and very quickly rose to top. BSP is one of the few registered party having an pan-India presence and still have cadre based organisation support similar like RSS.
For the past few years, I see that even for a 2 minute statement ,Mayawati use teleprompter ,for a long while she has not given any interviews , press conferences . Most senior leaders have left party and joined SP,BJP etc. as they have complained hat she is inaccesible to anyone except a few people .
In the recent elections, she is not even trying to put up a fight despite her core voterbase (Dalit ) up in arms against the establishment .
Is something wrong with her , like Alzheimer or something as it is unheard of a self made leader to give up like this .
Well, the rumours are very strong that she has some weak point due to which she is being remotely controlled by her own blood relatives in cahoots with her legal advisor Satish Mishra .
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2022.01.21 09:17 deceptedsoul Refusing a lesbian in a dream (as a woman)?

I dreamt that a friend/acquaintance was a lesbian and sent me a letter inviting me to dinner. I didn't think it was a date. I didn't read the letter. I found out later that she wrote "will you be my girlfriend? I want us to have sex". I asked this what she meant by that. She said it was not written right, that it was meant to say girl friend and that sex was a new type of candy. And I completely believed her!
I forgot when the dinner was, so I ended up missing it. She came to my house, heartbroken and went to my bathtub and asked me to join her. I didn't (I'm not even questioning my sexuality, at least not in that direction). She was so sad that she threw up off my balcony.
There was probably something else but I can't remember.
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2022.01.21 09:17 ReallyCreative4 How to add multiple stroke color and weight in Adobe Illustrator

How to add multiple stroke color and weight in Adobe Illustrator Design are made of fill color and stroke color. To achieve stylized effect we need to add in multiple stroke color and weight. But do you know that you can easily add multiple stroke color and weight in Adobe Illustrator easily. How? Check out the image below

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2022.01.21 09:17 Bonus1Fact The Landstuhl hospital replacement will be known as the Rhine Ordnance Barracks Medical Center.

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2022.01.21 09:17 Vetches1 Just placed a pre-order for an early to mid 2022 expansion in my area. Roughly how long does it take to place a full order after it launches?

Hi! So I only just found out about Starlink a few days ago, but I've since pre-ordered for an early to mid 2022 expansion in my area, as it's a really nice increase in bandwidth.
However, I've read about people who pre-ordered back in 2021 who are only just now getting service in their area. My question is, if I've just placed my pre-order, once service is expanded to my area, will it still be a long time (a year or more, as those other posts are) before I can actually receive my kit? Or was the year-long wait only for getting service expanded, but once done, ordering the kit came soon after? I hope all that made sense, haha.
Thanks so much for any help or guidance!
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2022.01.21 09:17 PestoPete8 Twitter Blue debuts NFT profile picture for iOS users

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2022.01.21 09:17 quaaaaark Flag of !waved !wave

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2022.01.21 09:17 plugindeals Softube Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer - €79 instead €159

Softube Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer - €79 instead €159 https://www.softube.com/model-84-polyphonic-synthesizer

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2022.01.21 09:17 DrunkHacker Currencies

$200 - The $5 note from this southern country features Sir Edmund Hillary.
$400 - Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark all use currencies whose name translates to what in English?
$600 - This currency was used from 1924 until 1948, ending on 20 June in the West and 23 June in the East.
$800 - Caraqueños use a currency named after what revolutionary leader?
$1000 - The Treaty of this Dutch city led to the introduction of the Euro under a decade later.
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2022.01.21 09:17 dirtyharrison How much longer can this last?

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2022.01.21 09:17 PAFirearms Hundreds of bullets in mere seconds

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2022.01.21 09:17 Movies4LifeR Letterboxd

Does Ryan still have his Letterboxd profile? I'd love to follow him on it if so.
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2022.01.21 09:17 milostfup For your bikelife hoodies/t-shirts https://the-element-2.creator-spring.com/listing/bike-life-is-not-a-crime

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2022.01.21 09:17 AcresWild Mike Ditka wearing sunglasses in the “fog bowl”

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2022.01.21 09:17 Extreme-Kale-6540 What's your favourite mtg 20€ preconstructed decks ?

Title basically but with the right currency for you. Are you playing a precon ? What is your favourite ? What do you think is the most enjoyable ?
For me it would be the boros one from commander legends because i love card draw and boros, it is also my first commander deck and i upgraded it with a few interesting cards i had around
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2022.01.21 09:17 linkuei-teaparty Can't decide between Parralax and dark glass ultra

I picked up a strandberg Boden 5 and keen to dial in some bass tones for some recordings. I play old school metal, mostly opeth, dream theater and symphony X, but I also love punchier djent like Monuments, sithu aye, Gru and veil of Maya. Would Parralax be the right option for me or Dark glass ultra?
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