What she really wants

2022.01.21 07:36 bigdaquan420 What she really wants

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2022.01.21 07:36 Master_Eternal_Roshi Gundam Vidar 1/100 scale frame WIP

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2022.01.21 07:36 temporarycreature 'Dangerous precedent': Jan. 6 committee trains its sights on false pro-Trump electors

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2022.01.21 07:36 Bot-alex Minister says blackmail has ‘no place in British politics’ after No 10 allegations – UK politics live

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2022.01.21 07:36 moon-and-trees Tip to use Unifying receiver on machine without admin access

If you do no have admin access but you want to connect your Logitech devices using the unifying receiver, you can connect the Logitech devices to the unifying receiver on a personal machine (with Logitech Options installed), and then plug the receiver into the machine you don't have admin access to.
This is what I did, because I did not have admin access on my work laptop to install Logitech Options, but I wanted to connect my Logitech MX Keyboard and MX Master mouse to it. Originally bluetooth worked, until I decided to switch the device assignments around and needed to re-pair it, then it just wasn't discovered as a new mouse/keyboard any more.
I had previously tried using the unifying receiver, hoping it would plug and play, but it didn't. But connecting it on personal laptop first worked.
Hope this helps anyone else in the same situation.
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2022.01.21 07:36 Q-Write Did anyone knew about this?

Volcano Rex has a remix and it called "Burst Remix". Maybe, a lot of you had known this for so long.
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2022.01.21 07:36 NebulaRDX Autoionization of Water | Self-ionization of water

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2022.01.21 07:36 milk-bbt Current grad students: what is your everyday schedule like?

For example, how many hours a day do you allocate to doing your readings/working on your thesis? Or the miscellaneous tasks, such as teaching or admin? What are you doing the rest of the time?
Context: am a Master's student in the social sciences (psychology specifically). I'm trying to draw up a standard schedule to improve my productivity, and it would be great to hear from everyone to see what works for you all.
(I try to allocate at least 2-3 hours every day just for research, but I can't help but feel it's inadequate... (sadface))
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2022.01.21 07:36 Bot-alex Songs of glaze: Great British Bake Off musical to hit the stage this summer

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2022.01.21 07:36 114vxlr [QUESTION] How do I get low, home volume fuzz?

I enjoy the clean Jimi sound. A clean sound with just a splash of dirt. I want to be able to add more dirt with my volume control on my guitar and with my attack but i dont want to have to crank my amp up loud because im at home. I am using a Fender Blues Jr NOS tweed, Strat and an Electro-harmonix Germanium 4 overdrive/distortion. Is there a setting I'm missing? Is there a pedal that can help keep grit at low volumes?
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2022.01.21 07:36 Bonus1Fact The U.S. military authority in Japan has extended a stay-at-home order until Jan. 31.

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2022.01.21 07:36 SliceIndependent5435 What experiences in life that you did too early that it isn't the time for that experience?

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2022.01.21 07:36 SuperMariob91 Don't miss the opportunity to grab this VERY RARE 1inch NFT!

Don't miss the opportunity to grab this VERY RARE 1inch NFT! The first collaboration between Parts of Four and 1inch. Parts of Four is the jewelry brand of the Metaverse and 1inch is a distributed network for decentralized protocols, a union forged in dreamspace.
Description: 1P4 Unicorn forged in dreamspace: Level 5, Variant 1
Just 6 days left to buy it!

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2022.01.21 07:36 Bonus1Fact #Google Spending to Influence #US Congress Grew 27% in 2021

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2022.01.21 07:36 jobsinanywhere Kristen Stewart and fiancée Dylan Meyer cuddle up as they hit Disneyland with pal Ashley Benson

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2022.01.21 07:36 Megalodontus Astralis mid laner Dajor on who he wants to face in LEC: "Maybe Fnatic. I think Fnatic right now is the strongest team and I want to get whooped by Humanoid."

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2022.01.21 07:36 East-Nobody8592 How do you deal with toxic people?

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2022.01.21 07:36 hot_fluke 🐕 Shiba MetaDoggy (SHIBAMTD/BNB)

✔️Liquidity LOCKED
📌Address: 0x5b731a29e31668769e124dc2ab4214b30fc896a0
🐕SHIBA MetaDoggy is a decentralized multiplayer play2earn game,
where any holder can live, play, rank in an 3d metaland,
with a very advanced ecosystem.
✅Contract verified by BSCSCAN
✅ Doxxed team
✅ Video AMA
✅ Steam Sponsor
✅ Epic Games Sponsor
✅ 3 Advance apps!
Cross-chain bridge NFT marketplace with staking pool.
Play to earn. Large gamers community. 🎮PS5 giveaway,
BNB & 🖼NFT giveaway contests.
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2022.01.21 07:36 z_patrick_o I’m pretty sure I have long COVID symptoms from getting infected a month ago, am I okay to get my booster tomorrow?

Had covid this time last month, and I’m like 90% sure I have long covid as a result. I’m extremely tried most days and still have a little chest congestion - I’m definitely not back to 100% prior to getting covid. Other than those symptoms I just mentioned, everything else is normal.
I’m double vaxxed, and I have an appointment for my booster tomorrow (Pfizer). Is it okay to still get it, despite how I’m feeling right now?
Thank you!
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2022.01.21 07:36 TheyWhoMustntBeNamed What book are you currently reading? Why did you pick it up, and is it any good?

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2022.01.21 07:36 bargnomeltaf Perfect Game

Dead by Daylight is a game without bugs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWI48DairLk
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2022.01.21 07:36 behonestbeu How to make something like this with wordpress?

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2022.01.21 07:36 oscarahanford Download Hyper Front Download APK 2022 1.0.b54 For Android - APKICON

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2022.01.21 07:36 LostInCode404Reddit Maybe the anime invoker casted Soul Blast - Wex-Quas-Exort

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2022.01.21 07:36 Reasonable_Bit7174 Sleep paralysis

it’s 3:08A.M, and I live in the las cruces area in New Mexico. I’m not really sure what happened but I guess I was having what you would call an episode, in the episode I was awake, side ways in the position that I fell asleep and I could see everything normally, however my pillow was somewhat in the way of the door way so I couldn’t see outside my room and into the hallway so I started freaking out a little bit. I noticed I couldn’t move no matter what I tried and I felt like there was something at the door watching me and for some reason my first thoughts were “skinwalker”. Immediately after the thought entered my brain my eyes started to strain and ache, like a pulling sensation but in no direction, just the feeling, at the same time I could see transparent figure, and I could all of a sudden hear everything that was happening outside but it was amplified, I could hear every bug and every branch moving and the wind was so loud I thought I would go deaf, every time I thought of the word it would just amplify the noise and the number of figures would increase, for some reason I kept thinking of it on purpose, I wasn’t scared I was curious, after a little bit of spamming the word there was 6 figures and all I could hear was a very loud wind noise. I decided to just relax and take a deep breath, next thing I knew I was awake, I could move, and I moved my pillow away from the door way frantically and there was nothing there, I looked to my right and saw my window was more open then usual and I have not looked at it or even thought of peeking outside. Normally I would just think this was a normal episode, but recently my dog has been acting scared of my room and he’s been crying every now and then when he sleeps in my room. 2 weeks ago my uncle was in his car outside and he swears he saw my dad walking outside with a cigarette while my dad was still working his shift. My sister ( who sleeps next door) says she sometimes hears little kids while she’s playing videogames or trying to sleep , I’m not really sure what it is that’s going on, but the fact that the word skinwalker was like a trigger word creeped me out. This is all real, the episode happened and I decided to just write it out after calming down, I live in fairacres New Mexico, if anyone in las cruces is having similar experiences, text me.
p.s- before I fell asleep I was not thinking of any skin walkers or anything of the sort, I was thinking about sports. it is now 3:35 Am
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