New Hellpoint Update adds Halloween content

2021.10.19 19:32 Jonkar_ New Hellpoint Update adds Halloween content

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2021.10.19 19:32 thatneedtobreathe Questions as someone recently diagnosed

I was recently diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism, with Graves’ disease antibodies. Essentially my endocrinologist told me that I will eventually develop full blown Graves’ disease, but it is still in the early stages so I will not be beginning medication just now.
The only side effect I feel is chronic and intense fatigue. Wondering if any others caught their Graves’ disease early on? Is fatigue common? I know it is typical in hypothyroidism and I don’t hear to much about it with hyperthyroidism. How quickly did your symptoms manifest? Any general advice for coping with long term illness?
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2021.10.19 19:32 2wmmusic Listen to Rock is not Dead - Two Wanted Men playlist on SoundCloud

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2021.10.19 19:32 BonkersRabbit36 Rip my Har-Aken grind for pet then

Hope the drop rate for Har-Aken in the Ful Front be higher than the actual kiln.
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2021.10.19 19:32 TheGhostOfTzvika Stakeholders express concern over abandoned seafarers on vessels

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2021.10.19 19:32 Kiniwun Requesting to moderate

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2021.10.19 19:32 Outrageous_Piano7093 pessoas sendo pessoas

Essa pandemia me trouxe vários problemas psicológicos, n por causa dá pandemia em si, mas por causas de certas pessoas. Antes da pandemia eu era sociável na sala de aula, conversava com pessoas que gostavam de conversar comigo (ou acho q gostavam), dps que a gente não pode ir mais a escola perdi todo contato com essas pessoas, fui no grupo da escola ver quem fazia parte, aí poderia conversar com as msm pessoas virtualmente oq mudaria (pensou eu), 2 pessoas q eu tinha mais afinidade na sala de aula, chamei para conversar, foi super legal (falo com essas pessoas até hj), até aí blz, até q eu fui chamar uma outra pessoa para conversar (se conversamos na sala, pq não conversar virtual, vai mudar nada), isso q pensei, essa (1) pessoa foi super arrogante comigo oq vc quer de mim quando vi isso respondi conversar ué, aí a pessoa me bloqueou, com isso fiquei chateada claro..., Mais tarde dps fui chamar outra (2) pessoa q conversava na sala para conversar, mandei um vídeo q eu tinha achado engraçado, pensei q a pessoa tmb ia achar graça, nosso humor era meio parecido....., Mais aí a pessoa disse oxi e deu bloque, nisso minha mente já estava bem abalada emocionante (pq será q as pessoas me rejeita), dps disso, acabei tendo muita insegurança em fazer novas amizades ou até falar com pessoas conhecidas virtualmente.... Até q tomei coragem e fui falar com uma outra (3) pessoa virtualmente, q já tinha falado poucas vezes na sala, no começo da conversa foi interessante, legal, bacana, o problema é q eu era sempre a interessada, eu q fazia as perguntas e tals, ela realmente n demostrava nenhum interesse em conversar comigo, mandei uma pergunta para essa pessoa, q até hj n foi respondida, ignorada dnv...., até, q tentei puxar um assunto dnv..., Com a primeira pessoa, tudo por causa de uma amiga q disse q essa pessoa tinha "mudado", eu acreditei, já ia fazer quase 1 ano q fui bloqueada por essa pessoa, (ela deve ter mudado, pessoas mudam), , ate q fui tentar puxar assunto no Instagram, e sempre eu que demostrava interesse, eu q ia puxar assunto, eu q perguntava, tudo eu, ate q fui ignorada por essa pessoa, até hj tmb n me respondeu...., Até q cansei das pessoas, prometi para mim msm q não ia atrás de pessoa q pouco se importava...., Até.... Kaka, até q voltou as aulas, então vi essas msm pessoas dnv..., N dei muita bola...., A segunda pessoa, sempre foi uma pessoa super comunicativa na escola, conversava com todo mundo, até q venho conversar comigo, e pediu para eu seguir ela no Instagram, ok... Né, segui e mandei uma pequena frases, esperando uma resposta, tipo "sim ou não", até q essa pessoa respondeu e eu fui tentar puxar assunto dnv com a mesma, não me ignorou, n me bloqueou, só simplesmente n demostra interesse em ter um assunto, sempre eu q tenho q ir lá e puxar conversa....., Depois, esses dias a terceira pessoa começou me seguir e curtir fotos, até pensei em chamar para conversar, mais só pensei, n quero e NM vou chamar.
(Oq aprendi com tudo isso: tudo q é bom, vem naturalmente, vc n precisa se esforçar, até chegar num ponto q seu próprio celebro fique cansado, tmb aprendi a valorizar as amizades q já tenho e parar de ficar correndo atrás de pessoas qm nm quer a minha:)
(Nossa ficou gigante, kakka)
(N sei se escrevi o português certinho, mais tentei:)
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2021.10.19 19:32 ElectroFalconSwe Keep up with me!

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2021.10.19 19:32 SealedJohn_Veil Garen approves

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2021.10.19 19:32 FurMevyn 32 [T4F/T] Iowa - A Perfect Day. ♡

The first thing that we become aware of in the late hours of the morning is the scent of coffee wafting into the bedroom; the timer on the coffee pot kicked in a few minutes ago, preparing a hot pot of delicious, caffeinated ambrosia to start our day.
You make to follow me as I drag myself out of bed, but I smirk and push you back down into the massive nest of blankets and pillows we've accrued. "Go back to sleep, lazybones," I tease. "I'll bring you breakfast."
Of course, it won't be anything gourmet. An omelet, some sausage, maybe French toast if I'm feeling particularly voracious. A filling, simple meal for us to enjoy in bed before we start the rest of our lazy day.
What would the rest of our day consist of? Binge-watching that show you've been trying to get me to watch for weeks? Picking out one of the several games we play together and immersing ourselves in the myriad fantastic worlds contained therein? Or maybe we just bask in each others' company, each doing our own thing but happy in the occasional touch, kiss, brush, knowing we're a few scant inches away if the desire for physical affection strikes.
My name is Ash, 32, nonbinary, masculine presenting.
I wish I knew who you were.
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2021.10.19 19:32 DaDdY_RuHkA Texas to Orlando next week

Driving to Orlando next week. Just because I can. Any wanderers along the route send a shout out. Thy spirit was not born for constraint. Any advice along the way?
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2021.10.19 19:32 Middle_Huckleberry47 🔥 DaddyShiba - Based and Experienced Dev Team | $SHIBA Rewards | Active Voice Chat | 🔥 ! | Get Whitelisted Now!

Join the Telegram channel for further announcements.
🐶 Earn 2% rewards in $SHIBA every hour for every HODLER
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🐶 Based and Experienced Team! Brought to you by G K and M K!
🐶 Previously Doxxed Devs with heaps of experience, destined for success!
🐶 24/7 Voice Chat
There is a small private sale of up to 30 BNB, followed by a Presale.
Sweepwidget whitelist with preference given to shillers
Soft Cap: 150 BNB
Hard Cap: 200 BNB
Minimum Contribution : 0.05 BNB
Maximum contribution : 3 BNB
Buy/Sell Tax 7%
✅2% SHIBA Rewards
✅ 2% Marketing Fee
✅ 3% Liquidity Fee
📖Contract: 0x4a717ec4beef925d74fc1649096a430377c0fab9
🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.19 19:32 TN_Egyptologist Amulet of Nefertum

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2021.10.19 19:32 junaidd09 Android 12 is finally here!

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2021.10.19 19:32 Ze_Pequenininho The four horseman

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2021.10.19 19:32 GlassZealousideal638 Son and Salah at ST positions. good ides or nah?

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2021.10.19 19:32 Snowii_thegamer How do you get founders cape on Nintendo switch? I’m having trouble getting it..

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2021.10.19 19:32 AngeloGutierrez_9 Easily Distracted By Crabs

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2021.10.19 19:32 Maddiel113 Just wondering

But has anyone here seen me in their ranked cups? My username for Mario Kart Tour is Terrance13.
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2021.10.19 19:32 SomeCallMeMrBean Funghi ( Fomapan Classic 100, Yashica half 17 EE Rapid, 32mm f1.7)

Funghi ( Fomapan Classic 100, Yashica half 17 EE Rapid, 32mm f1.7)
As per request, one of the shots from the test roll on the Yashica Half 17 EE Rapid.
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2021.10.19 19:32 Mmmcheez Walk Toward The Exit

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2021.10.19 19:32 Hiten_D Anupama Ji Supremacy

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2021.10.19 19:32 ikuMoom What are you most proud of ?

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2021.10.19 19:32 SmikeGills My Great Grandpa somewhere in Dallas, Texas circa. 1930

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2021.10.19 19:32 RayWasActuallyTaken DreamSMP like server, no moderation or annoying plugins, just make lore and be funny

Howdy, i'm just a member of an smp that gets around 5 people playing in the evenings, here's the goofy part, no rules, make enemies all you want, all you need is lots and lots of common sense and a microphone, as well as some broken humor so you get along with everyone! I built my own town and you can too, with that being said dm me on my discord Ray#5675 and just join a vc so i can go through an interview with you, i have no idea what it will be about but i promise this smp will be one of your favorite ones
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