Weekly Sales, Stock, & Product Updates 10/18/21

2021.10.19 20:28 MidwestOptics Weekly Sales, Stock, & Product Updates 10/18/21

Hey all,
First and foremost welcome to Midwest Optics Allies and thank you everyone for all the support. I probably should have started a group for all of you guys sooner but better late then never right? Feel free to post all your feedback, pics, discussions and anything else you want. Just please be respectful of everyone
New product line announcement
We just got Modlite and Arisaka in stock and Aero shouldn't be far behind
Have PLHv2 and OKW Black & FDE 18650 & 18350 lights in stock along with PL350 Pistol light and Modbuttons. Mix and match items for discounted bundles on the light product page
Have all Black & FDE Scount mounts and Offset Optic Mounts in stock
Plenty of Holosun Products still in stock including 515CTs and 530s
Cloud Defensive
Just got a bunch of Rein full size and micro complete kits in Black, FDE, and Clear in and FDE Torrent Mounts
Hoping to have some T2s in the next week or two. We should be getting a few acro p2s when they release in the next couple months
EXPS 3s & HHS II Combos in stock and more EXPS2's on the way.
Scalarworks 34mm 1.57 & 1.93 and 1.93 Magnifier Mounts just hit the shelves. All micro mounts and Peak sights available
Few RMRs in stock and Running a sale on the few credo 1-4s we have in stock to get them off the shelves. Pretty much selling them at cost
Is there any other products you would like to see us carry? If I can get some feedback and the support to pick up other manufacturers ill definitely look into it for you guys
Thanks all Darryl
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2021.10.19 20:28 Secret_agent_083 Dream of being pulled

Hey. So this has just occurred to me while taking a nap 30 minutes ago. I had one of those dreams that have dreams in them and it was so confusing cause i couldn t even figure it out when i woke up until i checked the time. (It s a habit of mine and i could remember that it was over 10pm in the dream but it s only 7pm now) but anyway. I m in my dorm room and my dream was in it as well. I dreamed of my parents with me here which has never really happened. I kept seeing them then waking up in my dream until mom started waking me up. And like at that point i started going “this is impossible you re in a different city”. Once i had said that her hand (which was intertwined with mine) started pressuring mine and then i started feeling this CRAZY STRONG pull behind me and i couldn t even look back. (This was in my bed btw) and then i woke up not knowing if it was real or fake since i have been sleeping and waking up in my dream already. Now i ve never had anything like that before. It felt so real that i couldn t move for 5 min after waking up. For possibly helpful info. As i m writing this i realized mom was there cause i ve been feeling distant since we haven t been talking much lately. And i have been feeling neglected since we ve been talking on the phone at least once everyday for the last 4 years. But oh well. I hope this all makes sense to u.
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2021.10.19 20:28 that_old_white_guy My Wife Is Not My Soulmate

My wife-to-be is not my soulmate. And I am not hers. We’re not a perfect match, nor anything close to ‘made in heaven’ or other mystical, dreamy, short-lived ideas.
We are, however, two mature people who’ve been through the wringer, made a million mistakes, had our hearts broken a time or two and learned how to love again.
We work hard at this relationship, with endless hours of communication, sharing ideas and real world dreams. Knowing that each moment of discovery, by itself, is probably meaningless…but that the totality of our layers and layers of touch and talk are the cement which will bind us together forever.
My wife is not my soulmate. We can’t depend on such cloudy & frail thoughts. We need devotion through action…vulnerability by choice…affection without expectation. Our future depends on it.
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2021.10.19 20:28 JD_Dorian Kodaline - The One [Alt Rock] (2015)

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2021.10.19 20:28 deweywebber BOAT NAMES

You guys prob get asked every day and are tired with the questions about boat names but please grant this newbie to this sub a few mins here.
Getting new boat in a few weeks - 22 Ft CC w/ 200 Zuke Wanting to name the boat that covers both of my biggest interests (fishing and hockey) and I want to name the boat "2 For Hooking"
My wife just sort of turns her nose up at that. Relatives also don't seem warm to it.
FTH and go with it, right? I mean, I think it's genius and damn it, I'm paying for this!
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2021.10.19 20:28 qI-_-Ip Advice needed - Damp appearing on sealed chimney breast

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2021.10.19 20:28 Veronica326 90 Days reflection

I made it to 90 days! It’s kind of a surreal feeling to be honest. I’ve had some thoughts and I just wanted to get them out.
I started this journey because I was sick and tired of feeling tired. I had drank nightly for years with the exception of both my pregnancies. Over the past 90 days I’ve really examined while I started to drink to the level I did and these are my conclusions 1. Self medicating for anxiety and depression. 2. Not dealing with trauma and toxic family. And 3. My husband has always been a huge drinker so I had a drinking buddy that never questioned how much I was drinking but was right there along with me- it was my choice to drink but the lines always got so blurred.
I made a decision 3 months ago to change. I read a quote that said something along the lines of “you say you would die for your kids but would you live for them? Get sober for them?”. Now let me state that I never drank around my kids. I waited for them to go to bed, I never drove. I didn’t drink during the day or have any huge problems other than labs being slightly off... but I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to hit rock bottom to evaluate your relationship with alcohol. Especially with mommy drinking culture (cause you know vodka is lower carbs than wine 🙄)
So I woke up, evaluated, and changed. When I set out I thought I’d moderate... it’s scary to swear off alcohol do forever but I’m taking it one day at a time. I am now medicated for my depression and anxiety, I have cut ties with some family, I have done a lot of self work... and have found mocktails.
My husband still drinks most nights but, I decided my wanting to live for my kids outweighs partaking with him. Some days it’s really hard, but this is MY journey... and I’ve finally realized, it’s all on me. I make the decisions for my life.
If you’re read this, thank you for taking the time. I feel a weight has been lifted.
IWNDWYT 💛 90 days y’all 🎉
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2021.10.19 20:28 FairTokenCake 💫 Will we BEAT ATH again? 🚀 FairToken Cake - Make money in a different way – LP locked – only 145k market cap – more than 34k USD in TREASURY 💫

If you are too lazy to read, just check the chart. That will convince you.
After the first month, the ATH is under siege again. 🚀🚀🚀
It seems that after the weekend with HPS, our HOLDERs are keeping their positions unbroken.
No wonder, as more and more people are seeing the value of TREASURY and know they have found a stable project.
How do you see it? Will you join us?
No more empty promises, so we show you the REAL solution. It is real because it actually generates a return even if there is no trading at all.
We split the rewards into two groups:
The DAILY reward after trades and the WEEKLY PayDay that the TREASURY generates for the Holders by staking.
DAILY Reward: 50% of rewards tax will be paid every evening for Holders in CAKE
WEEKLY PayDay: 50% goes to TREASURY which earns interest for the holders by staking, paid every MONDAY
💥 FRTC renewed after 1st month:
👀 Max wallet size expanded from 0.25% to 0.50%
👀 Buy Tax reduced from 17% to 12%
👀 Sell Tax reduced from 25% to 19%
Minimum tokens for rewards: 3.000.000 FRTC
Max wallet size: 50.000.000 FRTC (0.5%)
⚖️ Buy Tax - 12% (9% Reward)
⚖️ Sell Tax - 19% (16% Reward)
🛡 HPS shield Tax - 45% (37% Reward)
✅ Doxxed team, come and chat with us on tg.
🌎 BRAND NEW website: http://fairtokencake.com/ 🌎
🚀CA 🚀 0xb16d8c2a78f2acd75a63b37e8ce6bccbbd8d8f9e
🔸 TG GLOBAL https://t.me/fairtokencake
🔸 FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/fairtokencake
🔸 INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/fairtokencommunity/
🔸 DISCORD https://discord.gg/XxmGR7JASf
If you have a minute, fill in our form:
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2021.10.19 20:28 NotEagl3 You can preorder on B&H if you live in the US

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2021.10.19 20:28 humanimalien111 Let Me Be Frank, Hot Dog Etiquette is Important. This Video Can Show You How.

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2021.10.19 20:28 esmegrace12 Ninja storm 4 question

Hi all, I’m new to ninja storm 4. Love my fighting games! Its amazing! My question, are secret techniques the same as ultimate jutsus?
I’m looking this up on google, it’s giving me the inputs. But the inputs are for a secret technique OR an ultimate jutsu. So I’m confused.
Also, Naruto has 2. From the video I’ve seen on YouTube. I can do one, but I don’t know to do the other.
Can anyone assist?
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2021.10.19 20:28 Error404-loading Club Brugge 1 - [5] Manchester City - Riyad Mahrez 84'

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2021.10.19 20:28 perryindc Anyone know why ELON keeps hitting ATH the past 10 days

Anyone know why ELON keeps hitting ATH the past 10 days
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2021.10.19 20:28 CryptoCulture_info not sure if you all saw this yet. but you got time to get in ...https://www.veve.me/giveaways

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2021.10.19 20:28 No_Throat5905 The most beautiful woman in Delray

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2021.10.19 20:28 Error404-loading Club Brugge 1 - [5] Manchester City - Riyad Mahrez 84'

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2021.10.19 20:28 Elementhees Neue insta

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2021.10.19 20:28 Alireza_SH Am i learning web development in a wrong way?

i had this love to web development form many years ago and n this year, i finally decide to do something about it and start learning web dev, in our town, their was a academy that wants to start a new web dev course. i pay the price for it and sign up for it. the class was not what i expect, maybe i doing it wrong or just the teacher is shit. my class is still on progress and attend for sure, i mean, i pay for it... they want to teach us all of this i write down here: front-end: html, css, bootstrap and JavaScript in back-end: php and Database analysis
the teacher said that i just teach to road and primary thing and the you must continue the road and learn more by your self, but he said to that we can actually make a website at the end.
i tell all this to give a image of situation of what ii in it. my question is, i already know some html, css, bootstrap and a lot about Database analysis (he really focused on this and he said that Database analysis is far important thing than a simple coder) but i ready confuse right now, its like i know everything but i know nothing, its like i can make a website but i cant, i lost the road, and i dont have to back to the road. what you guys suggests? he want to start a Project and start teaching us php and than others of the list i said. do you guys suggests that i should wait till the end and see what happens and what i know at the end? or should i do more among the classes? like learning new things or just practicing things i already know?
i very be happy and glad of your answers and thank you all for reading what i wrote and listen to what that confusing me for a time.
at the end i want to ask another question, i found Database analysis very hard to thing to learn and be master on it, and i really dont know have to practice Database analysis, do we have any learning websites or good video for this? i can really used a source for learning more about database analysis.
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2021.10.19 20:28 arabpetergriffin Eevee must go extinct

Eevee must go extinct
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2021.10.19 20:28 jms1225 Tell Your Senator to Support S. 1, The Freedom to Vote Act

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2021.10.19 20:28 Victoria_rose12 Any medication helps with BED?

I have a binge eating disorder that ive been dealing with my whole life. I have this vicious cycle of dieting hard, working out.. restricting alot and then giving up and binge over eating out of guilt. Its a cycle. I also binge when im stressed or sad... i have a doctors appointment Tuesday and im finally going to tell my doctor about my eating disorder and im so embarrassed which is why i havent told him yet but I cant take it anymore... I really need help. I want to lose weight and keep it off and stop my thoughts of food. Im 27, 5"8 and 215 lbs. any advice for me is greatly appreciated
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2021.10.19 20:28 bruhmomenttttt666 "Visit the aftermath" challenge

Is there any way I can still do this challenge now that the aftermath has been replaced? I've tried dropping there but it isn't working
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2021.10.19 20:28 BlindLouse O Papagaio dos interurbanos.

(Obs.: Essa piada se passa na época pré-celulares!)
O cara acabou herdando o apê de uma tia que morreu, que era telefonista. A condição era de que ele cuidasse do papagaio da véia. Ele não sabia, mas o bicho tinha um hábito aprendido com a antiga dona: gostava de fazer ligações interurbanas. Ele pulava no telefone fixo, tirava da base e discava com as patinhas. Primeiro mês com o papagaio, o cara vai olhar a conta telefônica, quase cai pra trás. Ligações de mais de uma hora, pra vários cantos do país. Ele fica puto, chega pro penoso no poleiro e fala:
-Tu para com essa porra.
Passa o mês, o cara não vê o papagaio perto do telefone, acha que está tudo bem, mas quando chega a nova conta, tá lá: ligação pra Manaus, pra Macapá, pra Rio Branco, pra Fortaleza, pra Salvador, ligação pra Palmas, pra Cuiabá, pra Porto Alegre, pra puta que o pariu. Tudo mais de uma hora de papo. O cara perde a paciência, pega o papagaio pelo pescoço, bota o dedo na cara dele e fala:
-Aqui, seu viado! Se mês que vem a conta vir cara de novo eu vou te pregar na parede até tu morrer, desgraçado!
Mais um mês se passa, o cara só de olho no papagaio. Quando a conta chega, tá lá, mais cara ainda que no mês anterior. Interurbano pra Curitiba, pra Teresina, pra Porto Velho, pra São Luís, pra Goiânia, ligação de duas, até três horas de papo. O cara surta. Pega o papagaio, abre as asas dele e prega na parede da sala. O papagaio fica como, né... lá, preso, na merda, com as asinhas abertas... de repente ele olha pro outro lado da sala e vê um crucifixo, com Jesus lá. O papagaio chama:
-Ô parceiro! Ô camarada! -Que foi? - Responde o Jesus, com voz de quem não fala há muito tempo. -Tem muito tempo que tu tá aí? -Tem mais de dois mil anos- responde JC. -Caralho!-exclama o papagaio-Vai gostar de fazer interurbano assim na puta que pariu!
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2021.10.19 20:28 LashawnaCornett DD for my American-sourced lithium pick ( $NVLH.C )

DD for my American-sourced lithium pick ( $NVLH.C ) With the demand for lithium on the rise, it is more than likely that those who invest in this sector now will be rewarded in the long run.
One lithium company I have my eyes on is Nevada Lithium ( $NVLH.C ) as they are positioned to become a big player in American-sourced Lithium.
Their main asset is the Bonnie Claire is thought to be one of the largest lithium deposits in the US
$NVLH recently conducted a Preliminary Economic Assessment at Bonnie Claire and found:
-15k tonnes/day processing rate over a 40 year mine-life
- an overall lithium recovery of 74.4%
- $1.5 B after-tax net present value at an 8% discount rate
- 23.8% after-tax internal rate of return
- Lithium carbonate price assumption of 13,400/tonne
… all of which indicates a huge potential for this project which could help $NVLH become a significant and long-term contributor to the global lithium market.
Additionally I also like the leadership at $NVLH. The CEO, Stephen Reatschler, has over 25 years of institutional investing, shareholder communication and consulting experience. And the VP of exploration, Darren Smith, is a geologist with over 15 years of experience including high-level mgmt.
$NVLH @ $0.43 MC $21.31M

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2021.10.19 20:28 Negativecreepy Just downloaded the game, what are the best solos to start off with?

looking get some decent coin and players quick.
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