I got my friends together and played some Skywars on Hypixel and it was a lot of fun. Check it out if you get the chance and any feedback is appreciated along with subscribing if you enjoy.

Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) New Movie Releases This Weekend: October 15-17; New Movie Trailers We’re Excited About We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.19 20:22 The_Great_Goten I got my friends together and played some Skywars on Hypixel and it was a lot of fun. Check it out if you get the chance and any feedback is appreciated along with subscribing if you enjoy.

I got my friends together and played some Skywars on Hypixel and it was a lot of fun. Check it out if you get the chance and any feedback is appreciated along with subscribing if you enjoy. submitted by The_Great_Goten to AdvertiseYourVideos [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 SaltyDemon_ Far Cry 6 - Part 15 - Break The Chains

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2021.10.19 20:22 Jayson_anderson Does anyone have this vid downloaded??

Does anyone have this vid downloaded?? submitted by Jayson_anderson to feetplug [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 Danceman2 Coming to Steam: "Deformity is a turn-based fantasy strategy about a world dominated by sins."

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2021.10.19 20:22 Crisjunkie VPD was never a suicide situation

According to today's DPS daily incident log:
"A suspect smashed the glass windows on two fire extinguisher cabinets and discharged the fire extinguishers inside the location."
I can't believe people lied about there being someone that was trying to commit suicide. I get it, everything got misinterpreted, possibly from the Citizen app, but for people saying they saw them jump or die knowing very well that was never the case and you all know that, that's extremely messed up because you distressed a whole bunch of people from that.
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2021.10.19 20:22 ghiblix GongGongGoo009 - outside (feat. JUSTHIS) + home (feat. Hesper)

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2021.10.19 20:22 Legitimate_Mud6938 LUMINOUS, New defi exchange, Get in Early before the Fomo hits you In the back!

LUMINOUS, New defi exchange, Get in Early before the Fomo hits you In the back!
🌈 Fair Launched!

🌚 Tokenomics🌚

🧱 Total Supply:

🌙 Buy on pancakeswap🥞 https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0e14Ea2CdbaBc8e12E7158742F748757c4dBC192

✅ Ownership renounced

📈 Bsc scan link https://bscscan.com/address/0x0e14Ea2CdbaBc8e12E7158742F748757c4dBC192

🌐 Website(coming soon)

♻ Importance of Marketing, Great marketing-campaigns might be the biggest part of a successfull token. Dedicated admin who are determined to make this project a huge success!

🦺 Our mission is to release an Defi exchange on Binance smart chain and also do advertisments. We aren’t just another rubbish meme coin, we are here to stay and we want you to come on this journey with us!
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2021.10.19 20:22 IAmTheLetterF All the world's a ___________

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2021.10.19 20:22 StonkTheBunny AA just said AMC is looking into being an “issuer of cryptocurrency!”

Tits are fully jacked!!!!!!
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2021.10.19 20:22 Metercedes Kız Arkadaş Nasıl Edinirim? (Help)

Saygılar, bana yardım lazım KGB hulkı. Bu konuyu daha önce açmıştım görenleriniz olaacktır, uzun bir aradan sonra tekrara aborted mission'ı yeniden aktif ettim. Temiz bir operasyon istiyorum ancak nasıl olacak bu iş? Kız içine kapanık, sadece yakın arkadaşlarıyla konuşuyor, sen bir şey sormadan sormaz, 1 hafta falan denemiştim ona yakınlaşmayı ancak başarılı oldum sayılamaz. Mesela ona bir şey anlatıyorum, direkt dikkati başka yere gider (Spesifik bir yere değil, rastgele) Mesela biz konuşurken, biri çıkar kendi fikrini söyle sonra hemen beni unutur, onunla konuşmaya başlar. Tip konusuna girersek eğer, ben orta tipli biriyim denilene göre, kız da aşırı güzel sayılmaz ancak genede iyi yani. Huy olarakta, öğrendiğim kadarıyla iyi. Mekan, lise binası zaten. Şimdi bu kız pek istekli değil ara sıra göz göze geliyor benle derste. Huyunu anlamadım, maksat nedir? Tecrübe edinmiş arkadaşlar yardımcı olursa sevinirim. Bu arada 11. sınıfım ben. Akıl yaşta değil başta, genel kültürüm güzel anacak bu kısımda tecrübem 0 olduğu için bir şey yapamıyorum. 12'de mezuniyette belki bir operasyon yaparım diye düşünüyorum? Fikirler?
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2021.10.19 20:22 HeliosHorribledude Alright, I just had a Pot mirror...

Potemkin is BULLSHIT. How the f**k am I supposed to jump when this bitch won't let me? And why does PB do so much goddamn damage? I did a combo that went like this: c.S -> 2H -> Forward Mega Fist, and then the bastard command grabbed me once and did more damage than my combo. AND WHAT ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH IS GARUDA IMPACT?! I can't get up with that thing blasting in my face. Potemkin mains, you're all a bunch of glue-snuffing shitheads!!
P.S. thank you, Daisuke, for my bullshit character
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2021.10.19 20:22 raja199x BLACKPINK GOES POP PUNK!

My remix of Lovesick Girls in Pop Punk style!
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2021.10.19 20:22 random_guy_somewhere What’s your least favorite thing about the show?

Besides obvious answers like “not as good as the first ten seasons” and “Milhouse” of course
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2021.10.19 20:22 Blkvandwellington The Eastside Cartel com/doc about Eastside bidness

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2021.10.19 20:22 Natureshots_sb Autumn in czech Sony Alpha 7r 16-35mm 4F Zeiss [5583 x 5590]

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2021.10.19 20:22 TexasPoke2021 FS. 80 Prizm rookies w/some dupes. Asking $45 shipped

FS. 80 Prizm rookies w/some dupes. Asking $45 shipped submitted by TexasPoke2021 to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 molis83 Application Guard for Office doesn't work for Outlook attachements

I've enabled Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office via Endpoint Security (ASR) in Endpoint Manager.
When I download a file from a untrusted location: It will open in a Application Guard Window of Office.
Now the strange part:

I would expect that opening attachments from outlook would trigger Application Guard!
My Configuration: https://imgur.com/a/RA2Ds3K
The e-mail is coming from Gmail and the document is a Google Drive spreadsheet converted to XLSX. But I also tried with Microsoft Doc's or excels from suppliers.
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2021.10.19 20:22 scerdt Can you help me with this stamp? This is a scan i did.

Can you help me with this stamp? This is a scan i did. submitted by scerdt to stamps [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 crappytaffy does this look okay?

I was taking a closer look at my mother board and noticed some of the pins look kinda wierd as if theres one missing or something, thoughts? I'd put some pictures but that's not allowed in this subreddit.
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2021.10.19 20:22 MrJack0000 MacBook Pro late 2013 in 2021

I haven’t use my MacBook Pro late 2013 8gb i5 for a long time. Recently, I got an full HD monitor. So I decided to hook up with my MacBook Pro, and treat it as a smart TV. The experience is really bad with BigSur, which is slow and lag even just watching YouTube.
A week later, I use bootcamp to install windows 10. It’s way way faster and smoother than BigSur. I feel great my MacBook Pro late 2013 is still working in 2021.
So if you have a old MacBook Pro with intel, give it a try.
submitted by MrJack0000 to macbookpro [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 SaltyDemon_ Far Cry 6 - Part 15 - Break The Chains

Far Cry 6 - Part 15 - Break The Chains submitted by SaltyDemon_ to GamingVideosPromoting [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 yellowgerbil They couldn't help themselves from changing it

They couldn't help themselves from changing it submitted by yellowgerbil to whitecloaks [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 20:22 theoleyeller My newest cleanup/fixup project, a Gerrard model 4 SPA

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2021.10.19 20:22 businessyndicate Where do I begin as a musician to gain publicity?

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2021.10.19 20:22 JimCantCook Review of “Baking with Dorie”

This book was released last night so this is a first read not a recipe tested review.
I knew nothing of Dorie Greenspan prior to reading this book other than she has written a number of well reviewed and highly acclaimed cookbooks. It turns out that “number” is now 14 and it represents 30 years of cookbookery, as she calls it. That’s thirty years of experience in teaching us to cook bake and delight in the wonders of food. In reading this book I’m impressed, this book stands out as exceptional in its detail and thorough explanations, it has a fluid style and well done photos..though other books do surpass this one if judging by photos alone in my opinion (for instance I don’t know how to braid and I don’t think from the photos alone I would quite feel comfortable doing it without checking another source). But to be clear this book overall is excellent in terms of photography as well. In the 14 books and 30 years she has mastered her craft but the most extraordinary thing is she maintains a joyful enthusiasm, curiosity and even playfulness that brings life into the creations she shared with us. Her passion for baking is infectious and has me excited to jump into the kitchen and start baking. I’m going to start with one of the breads and report back in a day or two.
Here is an example of her detailed style of writing. In describing how to griddle cook English muffins she writes “You want it to reach 350 degrees F. Measure the temperature with a thermometer gun or test it by holding your hand about 5 inches above the griddle—if you can keep it there comfortably for 3 to 4 seconds, you should be good.” She comes at it with a detailed explanation (350F with an IR thermometer rather than “medium heat”) and also gives you the knowledge you need if you don’t have fancy tools. Wow! I love this!
The book is 400 pages divided into seven recipe sections including both sweet and savory fare. The focus is recipes that are simple, rely on basic techniques and have deep flavors and complex textures. They are designed to be flexible so you can modify and play with them. And we are promised that each and every recipe has been thoroughly tested. She provides both weight and volume measurements and has tested the recipes both ways. This is a true rarity where often you find inconsistent or dubious conversions used between weight and volume measures even in high end cookbooks from respected sources. It’s pretty clear Dorie takes recipe testing seriously and goes above and beyond to ensure you get a reliable recipe and a good result. Not only do you get highly detailed instructions (weights and volumes both included with both metric and imperial units) and well described ingredients (eg fine sea salt instead of just “salt” which if lazily described could as salt like many authors do would lead up to a 3x difference in saltiness). She offers sage counsel sharing her vast experience with you in every recipe, giving you a heads up about what to expect or what to watch out for. For instance: For a brioche recipe that calls for you to make 2 loaves at once “Because you get better texture and rise when you’re working with a generous amount of dough, it’s best not to cut the recipe down. Prepare the full recipe”. She Includes guidelines on storage and how long it will last stored in each condition.
List of Recipes: Dorie’s favorites — variations of a given recipe *Breakfast Great Starts to Every Day** The Daily Breads —White Bread Edition —Whole Wheat and Flax Edition Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Twist Bread English Muffins *Brioche —Pull-Apart Brioche *Brioche Sticky Buns *Brioche Sandwich Buns *Chocolate Babka *Cheese-Swirl Babka Buns Tender Biscuits Potato Flake Biscuits Cottage Cheese Biscuits Blueberry Biscuits —Berry-Biscuit Shortcake Buttermilk Scones —Milk Scones —Lemon–Poppy Seed Scones —Rosemary-Orange Scones —Fruit Scones —Oatmeal Scones —Wheaty Scones —Glazed Scones Cheddar-Scallion Scones Iced Honey-Apple Scones with Spelt Scones Pudding Lemony Yogurt Muffins —Raspberry-Lavender Muffins —Strawberry-Ginger Muffins —Blackberry-Lime Muffins Carrot Muffins Grain and Seed Muffins Mochaccino Muffins Miso-Maple Loaf PECAN-CRANBERRY Loaf Morning Bundt Cake Breakfast-in-Rome Lemon Cake Crumb-Topped Ricotta Coffee Cake Buttermilk-Molasses Quick Bread Banana Breakfast Squares
Cakes Big and Small Fancy and Simple Layer Cakes *Devil’s Food Party Cake *A Big Banana Cake *Lemon Meringue Layer Cake *Double-Decker Salted Caramel Cake *Curd, Cream and Berry Cake Swirled, Spiced Sour Cream Bundt Cake —Classic Sour Cream Bundt Cake Coconut–Milk-Chocolate Marble Cake Cranberry Spice Squares Strawberry-Rhubarb Squares Chunky Lemon Cornmeal Cake Apricot and Pistachio–Olive Oil Cake Orange Spice Cake Swedish Fika Cake Mocha-Walnut Torte Lamingtons The Everything Cake —Lemon, Lime, Orange and/ or Tangerine Cake —Apple or Pear Cake —Berry Cake —Tea Cake —Spice Cake —Herb Cake —Boozy Cake —Nut Cake Lisbon Chocolate Cake Jelly Roll Cake —Cream-Swirled Roll —Ice Cream Roll —Spice Roll —Cocoa Roll Marbled Cheesecake S’Mores Ice Cream Cake
Cookies All Kinds for All Times Chocolate Chip Cookies *Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies *One Big Break-Apart Chipper —Praline-Topped Break-Apart Cookie *Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Paris Style —Biscoff-Peanut Paris Cookies *Mary Dodd’s Maple-Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies *World Peace Cookies 2.0 —The Original World Peace Cookie *Mokonuts’ Rye-Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies Copenhagen Rye Cookies with Chocolate, Spice and Seeds Oatmeal Cookies with Nuts and Chocolate Caramel Crunch–Chocolate Chunklet Cookies Devil’s Thumbprints —Chocolate-Filled Thumbprints Coffee-Anise Stars Trufflish Nuggets Coffee Shortbread Tenderest Shortbread Four Ways —Original Shortbread —Whole Wheat Shortbread —Rye-Chocolate Shortbread —Spelt-Flax Shortbread Biscuits Rose Rugelach with Four Fillings —Classic Filling —Coconut-Fruit Filling —Babka Filling —Cream-Cheese Filling Pistachio-Matcha Financiers —Classic Financiers Tea and Honey Madeleines —Mini Muffin Madeleines —Classic Madeleines Iced Spiced Hermits Java Mini Mads —Java Mads Cocoa-Cornmeal Biscotti Park Avenue Brownies Olive-Oil Brownies Brown-Sugar Oat Squares Glenorchy Flapjacks
Cream Puffs and Meringues Two Perfect Little Pastries Part I: Cream Puffs *Cream Puffs with Crackle and Cream —Profiteroles *One-Bite Cinnamon Puffs —Two-Bite Cinnamon Puffs *Chocolate-Tipped Cream-Puff Pocky Sticks *Chocolate Eclairs —Chocolate Shortcake Eclairs —Classic Eclairs *Gouda Gougères —Cheese Sticks —Classic Gougères Part II: Meringues *Meringue Snackers —Snowballs —Tinted Meringues —Pavlovas —Eton Mess *Little Marvels *Parfait-Layered Vacherin —Classic Ice Cream Vacherin
Pies, Tarts, Cobblers and Crisps the Seasons Apple Pies and Tarts *Mulled-Butter Apple Pie —Classic Apple Pie *Apple Galette *Caramel-Apple Crisp —Caramel Pandowdy or Cobbler *Szarlotka *Apple Pandowdy *Tarte Tatin Cottage Berry Cobbler —Nectarine-Berry Cobbler Double-Pear Picnic Pie Father’s Day Blueberry-Cherry Pie My Favorite Pumpkin Pie —Marshmallow-Topped Pumpkin Pie Maple-Walnut Pie —Pecan Pie Lick-the-Pot Chocolate Pudding Pie Strawberry Cheesecake–Chocolate No-Bake Pie French Riviera Lemon Tart Rhubarb-Bottom, Strawberry-Top Tart —Berry Pudding Cocoa-Cranberry Linzer Tart Alsatian-Style Blueberry Tart Double-Chocolate Rhubarb Tart —Chocolate Banana Tart Parisian Custard Tart Candied Almond Tart Steph’s Bakewell Tart
Satisfying Suppers, Salty Side Up Sides and More Blue Cheese Bites Goat Cheese–Black Pepper Quick Bread Potato-Parm Tart —Apple-Parm Tart —Pear-Comté Tart —Muenster-Pear Tart —Chèvre-Pear Tart —Blue Cheese–Pear Tart Fig and Goat Cheese Tart —Fruit and Ricotta Tart Free-Style Mushroom, Herb and Ricotta Tart Vegetable Ribbon Tart —Herb-Crusted Vegetable Ribbon Tart Ricotta-Tomato Tart Tomato Tart Spinach-Mozzarella Pie with Parm Crumble Clam Chowder Pie Double-Corn Tomato Crisp Asparagus-Lemon Quiche Custardy Apple and Kale Cake Smoked Salmon Roll-Up Whip-It-Up-Quick Cornbread Cheese Puffers
Basics, Must-Knows and Fillips DOUGHS AND Crusts *All-Butter Pie Dough *Sweet Tart Dough —Classic Sweet Tart Dough *Chocolate Tart Dough *Sour Cream Pie Dough *Cream Cheese Dough *Galette Dough —Savory Galette Dough *All-Purpose Tart Dough *Raggedy-Edged Almond-Herb Crust *Graham Cracker Crust Chocolate Frangipane Vanilla Pastry Cream Chocolate Pastry Cream Whipped Cream Lemon Curd Chocolate Ganache Cranberry Curd Caramel Applesauce Streusel —Baked Streusel Crunch Cocoa Streusel Praline Sprinkle and Spread Caramel Sauce Hot Fudge Sauce Coffee Extract Confectioners’ Sugar Icing —Chocolate Icing Chocolate GLAZE OR Dip Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream Berry Ice Cream Parm Crumble Cheddar Streusel Strained Yogurt Herbed Ricotta
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